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The Federal Employees Legal Defense Fund, Inc. (FELDF) was initially established by a group of Department of Commerce employees in June 2001 to provide financial support for the certified class complaint filed against the U.S. Department of Commerce (Janet Howard vs. Donald Evans, Secretary of Commerce).  However, in light of the escalating complaints filed by Federal employees reporting mismanagment and discrimination, the founders expanded FELDF's charter to serve as an advocate for other Federal entities.

The mission of FELDF is to promote equal opportunity in employment by generating funds needed to enforce the federal civil rights employment laws through administrative and judicial action.  FELDF, a mechanism for leveling the playing field, provides Federal government workers with the financial resources to address workplace inequities.  Freedom from workplace mismanagement does not come without a price.

FELDF serves as a resource for Federal employees combating unlawful employment practices in the workplace including employment discrimination.  In particular, the fund serves to support class wide litigation claims against the Federal government.

COMBATING FEDERAL SECTOR FRAUD, WASTE & ABUSE   In today's environment, Federal employees are either too afraid or lack sufficient funds to pursue action against Federal workplace mismanagement.  Furthermore, basically no sanctions are enforced to deter Department from engaging in either corrupt or discriminatory practices.  At the taxpayers expense, managers have access to "Professional Liability Insurance."  They have free and unlimited access to in-house attorneys.  They have access to Department of Justice attorneys.  They are often offered total anonymity even when guilty of a misdeed.  To make a bad situation worse, managers who discriminate are frequently rewarded, promoted and given high performance ratings.

According to the Committee on Governmental Affairs report entitled, "Government at the Brink," dated June, 2001, the cost of fraud, waste and mismanagement is staggering.  Such costs, paid by the taxpayers, has been estimated between $35 billion to $220 billion in just one year alone.

Still, more perplexing than the wasted billions of dollars is the fact that Federal mismanagement:
  • Leads to a lack of competency,
  • Leads to a lack of productivity,
  • Contributes to lower employee morale,
  • Impairs the health of the Federal workforce, and
  • Puts the public safety and services at risk.


If you are interested in fostering a workplace that promotes diversity, safeguards public policy, and holds managers accountable for Federal mismanagement, then send your donations to:

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